About The 33′s

Forming in late August of 2007, The 33′s had just a few short weeks to prepare for their first scheduled gig opening for international punk legends The Subhumans UK on September 17th along side The World Inferno Friendship Society. Since then the 33′s have been on an upward spiral of forward momentum with their sold out 5 song demo “Wasted Time” and finally their long awaited full length recording “Never say Die” which was released on Mighty Science Records to a packed house.

With radio and print interviews, on air performances, continual airplay, and a staunch local following the band has made a name for themselves not only in their native Charleston but around the country as well. The 33′s have headlined three punk rock festivals and have been asked to play gigs all over the country even some festivals in Europe with many a top punk bands from the likes of The Dwarves and Guttermouth to The Meatmen and The Misfits and Against Me!.

Their sound is reminiscent of Southern California punk rock and working class Oi! with hints of reggae, ska, and hardcore. Dig it.


Bands we have played with:

The Misfits, Subhumans, Sick of it All, Devil’s Brigade, The Dwarves, Street Dogs, The Atari’s, Flat 66, The Meatmen, Murphy’s Law, Guttermouth, Antiseen, Agent Orange, D.R.I., Lower Class Brats, Wednesday Night Heroes, The Uprising, 25 ta Life, Koffin Kats, World Inferno Friendship Society, Dead By Wednesday, The Independents, Suffer The Enemy, Dirty South Revolutionaries, Black Listed, The Shotdowns, Sick Sick Sick, Murder Media, The Rogue Nations, Swank Sinatra, The Dirty South Skallywags, The Not Likely’s, You Me and Us, New School Kings, Thunderfist, Utah County Swillers, Steve Hit Mike, The Tenderhooks, Smash Points, The Keepers, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Better, Mike Got Spiked, Chaos In Gotham, Motormouth Mabel, The Defilers, The Sandinistas, A Minor Mistake, Plan X, Hellblinki Sextet… etc etc etc…


What they say:

“The band that caught my attention that night was a local Charleston band called The 33’s. Their lead singer had food poisoning and the drums kept falling off the stage.. but even through all that bullshit their stage presence and love for what they are doing showed through… I was impressed… They had another show the next night at another venue so we drove to Charleston again last night. Let me just say..blown away. Nathaniel was still sick.. but blew it out like a trooper. His vocals, although hard and purely punk also had a melodic finish that gave me chills. Their sound.. I wouldn’t do it the injustice of labeling it.. it has a Celtic Punk vibe with some drunken Pirate thrown in.. but whatever it is I love it. RiotGirl Loves The 33’s!!”

- Riot Girl

“This punk band didn’t lack any heart or energy that’s for sure. Between the singer thrashin with the crowd and punchin me in the head there were some really catchy chorus’ and melodies. The band flat out rocked hardcore, and on top of that all around great guys. I give them five out of five stars entertainment value and you should check them out live.”

- Steve-O

“The snotty, street style of the U.K. punk scene and the melodic punk rock style of the West Coast create a lethal cocktail when mixed properly, and Charleston band The 33′s prove to have a firm understanding of this recipe. The group sounds like The Exploited, but with more melody and a larger array of rhythms.”

- Matthew Godbey, The Post and Courier