Hello World,
Our new album (Sons Of Iniquity) is now available for purchase and the CD release party details can be found here!!! Basically we wanted to go the DIY approach and sell this album ourselves. No itunes, no middle man, just our fans and our music. Very cool stuff. Here are some notes on the album:

This album is 100% self produced. We did the recording, mixing, artwork and the promotion ourselves.

These are impressive times we live in, and we feel that in order to make a change in the music industry, bands need to do more than just make music. They need to evolve with the times and be creative in how they connect with fans. We also feel local bands should stick together and help each other. This will have greater ramifications of how music scenes around the globe can develop and expand.

It’s all about the music, support, and the fans of said music, which makes being a musician worth every bit of the tough road we all chose to travel. So please enjoy our album and come out to see not just our show but all the local shows. Keep the community alive!
*Here is the link to buy our album. The album for purchase is the digital version i.e. mp3s. We will be selling the hard copies exclusively at our shows until May. Then the hard copies will be available through this site. Thank you!