In the Jukebox: the 33′s A review of the local punk band’s new full-length (via City Paper)

The 33′s
Sons of Iniquity

When word came in that local punk/metal band the 33′s were set to release a full-length studio album this spring, we didn’t expect a massive piece of work to land in our laps.

At an impressive 16 songs in length, Sons of Iniquity is essentially a double album. Lyrically, it qualifies as a proper concept album as well.

Straddling the hardcore and pop-punk genres, the band maintains both a strong melodic sensibility and a saturated, shouty, aggressive musicality throughout the album —not unlike some of their West Coast and U.K. punk brethren. … Continue Reading


the 33′s at Monster Music “Record Store Day (April 16th)” with Leslie, the Blue Dogs and More!


Fourth annual Record Store Day is April 16th, 2011; will be celebrated locally at Monster Music & Movies & Cat’s Music.

Three years ago, independent record stores nationwide banded together, with support of record labels and national and local bands, to bring attention to community record stores. With the decline of CD sales, increased downloading & bootlegging, ipods, iTunes, big boxes selling CDs for below cost, etc, the once everpresent CD store saw its numbers on the wane. … Continue Reading


33′s Digital Album is now available!!!!


Hello World,
Our new album (Sons Of Iniquity) is now available for purchase and the CD release party details can be found here!!! Basically we wanted to go the DIY approach and sell this album ourselves. No itunes, no middle man, just our fans and our music. Very cool stuff. Here are some notes on the album:

This album is 100% self produced. We did the recording, mixing, artwork and the promotion ourselves.

These are impressive times we live in, and we feel that in order to make a change in the music industry, bands need to do more than just make music. They need to evolve with the times and be creative in how they connect with fans. We also feel local bands should stick together and help each other. This will have greater ramifications of how music scenes around the globe can develop and expand.

It’s all about the music, support, and the fans of said music, which makes being a musician worth every bit of the tough road we all chose to travel. So please enjoy our album and come out to see not just our show but all the local shows. Keep the community alive!
*Here is the link to buy our album. The album for purchase is the digital version i.e. mp3s. We will be selling the hard copies exclusively at our shows until May. Then the hard copies will be available through this site. Thank you!


New Album has shipped and will be available for purchase in March!!!

So the album is finished, mastered and has shipped! How bout dem apples. We will be selling the new album exclusively on our site and at our shows. After a limited amount of time after that it will be available on itunes and other online retailers. Thanks to all involved and we will keep you posted on the CD release party details!


New album is mastered!!! And it sounds awesome!!!!


Hey guys. The new album is mastered and we are going over final edits. Once that is done it will enter production!!! Once they ship we will begin selling digital versions right here on our site and hard copies at our shows. We will be posting CD release party information soon once we lock down our venue. Until then, have a good one!




New Album is being Mastered as I post this.


So our new album is sent off and we are anticipating an early march release. You can bet we will throw a massive show/party to celebrate all the hard work we put into this baby. Werd! Until then peeps. Out!


Building a Sub-Kick for recording a kick drum.

Here is the tutorial we will be using as a basic guide. Will let you know how it turns out!


Charleston City Paper Interview with Nathaniel, Complete and Uncut

A bloody brilliant interview with the 33′s Nathaniel, complete and uncut
Via the Charleston City Paper Posted by Chris Haire on Fri, Mar 13, 2009 at 10:13 AM
Some interview subjects are as boring as yawn-inducing as a lecture on epic Russian novels and its effect on the mating rituals of sea sponges as presented via the photography of Ansel Adams.

Not Nathaniel from the 33′s, who celebrate the release of their 15-track CD tonight at Oasis. I emailed him a few questions over the weekend, and he got back to me with some of funnest answers I’ve read in a long time. Here’s what Nathaniel had to say, complete, uncut, and punk as fuck: … Continue Reading


Video of us at the Battle of the Bands

Last Friday night (July 2), local metal bands got together at the Oasis to bang heads for the chance to open for nationally touring band Otep. It was a good chance to see what the Charleston metal scene has to offer.

The stage was a assaulted by full line-up of local angry dudes: Foraminis, Actuatus, Masticated, Mare of Steel, Alcoholicaust, The Sign of the Southern Cross, Eva, Red Skies, The 33′s, and Primo Noctis.

In the end, Actuatus took the main prize and will be opening for Otep with Iwrestledabearonce and Stray from the Path. Eva came close with second, and Mare of Steel got third.

The Sign of the Southern Cross and the 33s also came out strong.


We had an awesome show with SICK OF IT ALL!!!

Thanks to all who came out for the show! We got some awesome pics and possibly some video and audio from our set. Be sure to check back soon for updates!